About Us

We are a group of running amateur who have participated in various trail runs, marathons, half marathons and 10-km races. We tried to be disqualified because of busy work or forget to apply on time. It’s more and more difficult to join the races as the success rate is very low in some famous races. All kinds of factors have hindered our enthusiasm to participate in the races. We believe we are definitely not the only group.

So we build up this online run platform. Maybe you have a different purpose of running, but we will provide an alternative. Let you and your friends to run with excitement.

Choose the right race and distance to complete at the designated time, we will send an exquisite and unique medal to you for your efforts.

Remember to share the your running experience and wonderful photos with your friends on the “Sharing” page. You may have a chance of getting a gift.

There is no miracle of movement, only constant accumulation. Let's run together, Let’s Run2gather