ALTRA Hong Kong 5Peaks Virtual Trail Challenge – The Peak

ALTRA Hong Kong 5Peaks Virtual Trail Challenge – The Peak

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ALTRA Hong Kong 5Peaks Virtual Trail Challenge (ALTRA HK 5Peaks VTC) is the first Virtual Trail Race organised by Run2gather. We used to create the best and most creative race medals. One of our vision is to support HK local design and this time we crossover with the “Hong Kong Peaks Series” by HK graphic designer “Terence Choi”. Meanwhile, we are honoured to be title sponsored by international trail running brand – ALTRA and also officially sponsored by Red Bull, JBL and two Hong Kong trail running stores: Gone Running and Cam2. Both stores offer a lot of discount for the participants and they also offer a lot of coupons and prizes for the winners of the 3 lucky draws during December to January. Last but not least, Run2gather offers total 50 of 2nd generation massage gun for the lucky draw.

Exquisite medals, luxury gifts, special themes, exciting routes, unlimited attempts, continuous breakthroughs, and you can feel the atmosphere of a physical race! Join the ALTRA Hong Kong 5Peaks Virtual Trail Challenge with your friends now! Five peaks, who will compete!

Event Date:1st Apr 2021 (12:00am GMT+08) – 30st Apr 2021 (11:59pm GMT+08)
Registration fee:Option 1. HKD198-event commemorative medal (including engraving service)
Option 2. (HKD597)- Run2gather massage gun second generation (original price HKD598, additional purchase price of $399), commemorative medals (including medal engraving service), electronic finish certificate
Option 3. (HKD897)- JBL REFLECT FLOW True Wireless Sport Headphones (original price HKD899, additional purchase price of $699), commemorative medals (including medal engraving service), electronic finish certificate
Rules:Complete the designated 15km route once within the designated period
Time limit:During the event
Route:16.4km designated route
Registration time:Registration ends on 29-4-2021 (11:59pm GMT+08)
Event record upload date and time:1st Apr 2021 (12:00am GMT+08) – 30st Apr 2021 (11:59pm GMT+08)
Medal collection and delivery time:From mid-Jun 2021 to the end of Jun 2021
Only for participants who have completed the event.
Race pack collection:Gone Running self pick, no mail service is provided
Finisher medal collection:Cam2 self pickup or shipping by SF Express HK$30

Join the race now

For individual registration, participants will receive the following gifts and qualifications:

  1. “ALTRA HK 5Peaks VTC” engraved medal x1(about 30 to 40 working days after the end of each race)
  2. “ALTRA HK 5Peaks VTC” event limited edition towel x1 (collect before the first race start)
  3. “ALTRA HK 5Peaks VTC” race bib x1 (collect before the first race start)
  4. Sports Energy Product x1 (Tailwind or Beet It or Active Root or Spring Energy)
  5. Red Bull Energy Drink x2
  6. JBL Portable Sports Backpack x1
  7. Gone Running offer a 20% discount on designated products at the day of the race bib collection, and a 10% discount on the other products
  8. E-Cert x1 (Complete and submit the time and running record, about 10 working days after the end of each race)
  9. “RUN ALTRA, BE ULTRA!” Eligibility for Photo Award in single race
  10. Eligibility for the men’s and women’s category prize of a single race

When runners complete the race and pass the finish line, they will receive different medals according to their completion time:

Fifth stage – The Peak:

– Gold – 3hrs00mins;
– Silver – 3hrs00mins – 6hrs
– Brozen – >6hrs;
– Gold – 3hrs30mins;
– Silver – 3hrs30mins – 7hrs00mins;
– Brozen – >7hrs00mins;

Race Limited Edition Towels & Race Bibs


Sports Energy Products (Choose 1 from 4)

Gone Running 運動能量產品

Red Bull Energy Drinks x2

Red Bull 能量飲品

Fifth Race Info – The Peak:

Exit B2 of the University of Hong Kong Station – Hill Road – The University of Hong Kong – Top of High West(CP1) – Trail Road (West High Stairs near the bottom) – Hong Kong Trail – Peel Road – The Peak Tower – Mount Austin Road – Victoria Peak Pavilion(CP2) – Harlech Road Fitness Trail – Hatton Road – Junction of Hatton Road x Conduit Road

Total distance around 16.4KM

Starting Point: Exit B2 of the University of Hong Kong Station

Finishing Point: Junction of Hatton Road x Conduit Road

Participants must remember to take a selfie at the following two CPs and upload them with the record after completing the race:

  1. Top of High West(CP1)
  2. Victoria Peak Pavilion(CP2)

Climb Height:

下載GPX 檔案 Download GPX file

Strava 路線圖 Strava Route

  • Transportation go to Start Point:

    The starting point of the activity is at Exit B2 of the University of Hong Kong Station and participants are recommended to take MTR to the starting point.

    Transportation leave from Finish Point:

    The end of the activity is at Hatton Road. When leaving the finish point, participants can take bus at Hatton Road or go to the University of Hong Kong Station to take MTR.

Record upload method:

  1. Register for the event (non-members will automatically become members)
  2. Join the event Facebook group to share the challenge
  3. Join Run2gather Strava Club to share challenge records
  4. Follow the instruction to pick up the race pack (Refer to race pack pick up section)
  5. Everything is ready! Let’s go challenge! Participant need to finish the whole course in one time during the event month (Remember to bring the bib and running gears). There is no time limit to complete the whole course. The running record should be recorded on GPS watch or mobile, and sync to running app. Participant need to take 2 selfies along the course at the specific CPs. Bib and background view should be clearly shown in the photos.
  6. After completing the challenge, enter the personal page during the competition period. Select the event upload record in “Participated Event”
  7. Upload three photos (screenshots of running records, two CP selfies during the race) on the upload record page, and enter the completion time and personal feelings
  8. Click “Upload” to finish officially, and arrange for medal collection within 30-40 days after the event is finished.✅

* Note that if runners use Strava to record, they “MUST” submit “Elapsed time”, “Moving time” is not accepted

* Participant can run the whole course as many times as possible. If the runners have challenge more than once, they “MUST” take a selfie every time they pass through the CP. The winners of each station “MUST” go through the record and photo review before receiving the prize to ensure that the photos are taken on the same day of the challenge.

Event scoring method:

The first six finishers who finish the fastest in each race will get different points. The points will be used to calculate the men’s and women’s total champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up after the completion of the five races. The highest scorer for men and women is the overall champion, and so on.

First man/woman in each game: 10 points

Second man/woman per game: 8 points

Third man/woman per game: 6 points

Fourth man/woman per game: 4 points

Fifth man/woman per game: 2 points

Sixth man/woman per game: 1 point

The scores of each game will be announced on the FB and website one week after the end of the race, and the ranking list will be available on the race website from the beginning of the race.

Awards and prizes:

Each stage will have the men’s and women’s stage champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up, regardless of age group. The top three men and women in each stage can receive the finishing medals and trophies, as well as a prize sponsored by Gone Running:

The first man/woman in each race: ALTRA trail running shoes with 50% Discount by Gone Running + HK$300 designated nutritional product voucher

The second man/woman in each race: ALTRA trail running shoes with 50% Discount by Gone Running+ HK$200 designated nutritional product voucher

The third man/woman in each race: ALTRA trail running shoes with 50% Discount by Gone Running + HK$100 designated nutritional product voucher

At the end of the five races, the men and women category will have overall champion 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up. 6 winners of 3 men and 3 women will receive the medals and trophies, as well as trail running shoes sponsored by ALTRA HK:

Overall Men’s/Women’s Championship: A pair of ALTRA trail running shoes, the latest model of spring 2021 (choose one from four)

Overall Men’s/Women’s Runner-up: A pair of latest ALTRA trail running shoes for spring 2021 (choose one of three)

Overall men’s/women’s third runner-up: A pair of ALTRA trail running shoes, the latest model of spring 2021 (choose one)

All winners will be contacted to arrange the collection time and location after the event.


[No Red Bull due to COVID] Red Bull gives you wings x Run2gather cheer you up:

From December to April, on the third Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm, Run2gather will arrange volunteer photographers to cheer the participants on the way and at the finish point of the race. Near the finish line, Red Bull may also give you wings and cheer you up! You might challenge with your friends on the third Saturday of each month if you want to be cheered up by us! Remember to take a selfie with us after your challenge!

December: December 19th

January: January 16th

February: February 20th

March: March 20th

April: April 17th

“Early Bird” Lucky Draw:

There will be three lucky draws in this event. All participants who complete the registration of “5 Races Early Bird” before the lucky draw date will have a chance to win:

1) Lucky draw date: December 18, 2020 – Cam2

Run2gather new second generation massage gun worth HK$699 x15

Cam2 sports products cash coupon 500 HKD X 5

Cam2 sports products cash coupon 200 HKD X 5

Cam2 Sports Products Coupon HK$100 X 5

2) Lucky draw date: December 25, 2020-Gone Running

Run2gather new second generation massage gun worth HK$699 x15

ALTRA X Gone Running Sports Shoes Cash Voucher HKD 800 X 3

ALTRA X Gone Running sneaker cash voucher 600 HKD X 3

ALTRA X Gone Running sneakers cash voucher 400 HKD X 3

3) Lucky draw date: January 8, 2021-Run2gather

Run2gather new second-generation massage gun worth HK$699 x20

Run2gather UV phone & accessories sterilizer x wireless charger (Compatible with the new iPhone and Android phones which support wireless charging) HK$250 x20

Run2gather 500ml sports soft water bottle worth HK$80 x50

The results will be announced on Run2gather and R2VTC Facebook after the end of each draw

*The organizer reserves the right of final decision


“RUN ALTRA, BE ULTRA!” Photo Competition:

Have you made the final preparations for the “ALTRA HK 5Peaks VTC”?

As long as you wear ALTRA running shoes on the track, you have a chance to win the grand prize. There will be one champion and three merit awards in each race, and there will be a total of 20 awards in five races!

*If the number of participants in the event is insufficient, the event will not have a champion

Prizes include:

The champion of each race x1: A pair of the latest model ALTRA trail running shoes in the spring of 2021

Merit Award x3 of each race: ALTRA X Gone Running trail running shoes 50% OFF coupon

How to participate:

1) Put on ALTRA running shoes and take photos in the five activity routes of the “ALTRA HK 5Peaks VTC”

2) Inbox photos and running record screenshots to ALTRA Hong Kong Facebook page

3) Share photos to personal Facebook or Instagram and hashtags #Altra #AltraHongKong #FindYourStride

4) Follow and like ALTRA Hong Kong Facebook and altrarunninghk Instagram

5) Photos must be submitted and shared before the end of the competition on the last day of each month

6) Only participants of “ALTRA HK 5Peaks VTC” can join this photo competition

7) Participants are limited to submit only one photo for each event. Participants who submit more than one will be disqualified


Evaluation criteria:

The four best photos in each field will be selected based on the following criteria:

1. Landscape

2. Posture

3. Dress Up

The result will be announced on ALTRA Hong Kong Facebook within two weeks after the end of each event

*The organizer reserves the right of final decision


Players participating in Option 2:

Get the second generation of Run2gather massage gun (Free shipping in Hong Kong)

4 massage heads (the previous 6)
5 bands (previous 6)
Weight 0.8kg (before 1.2kg)

3 minutes relief:
⭐ Muscle fatigue and soreness
⭐Work tired
⭐Farewell back pain
⭐Farewell to sore shoulders

The second generation of Run2gather massage gun can help promote blood circulation in 3 minutes and eliminate muscle fatigue, pain and stiffness.‼ And to prevent muscle injuries caused by exercise and sedentary sitting.

✅Relieve neck/back/waist pain caused by long-term sitting

✅Relieve muscle soreness and muscle fatigue caused by exercise, improve exercise status

✅Relieve muscle tension and improve muscle tension (say goodbye to small thick legs)

✅Helping family members to perform muscle massage and relaxation is also suitable for muscle soreness of manual workers, housework women, long-term sedentary office workers, and middle-aged and elderly people.

✅LCD display: clearly display different bands and power

✅5 levels of vibration mode: to meet different needs

✅Low noise operating mode: quieter than similar products

✅4 Body engineering design massage head: According to your different parts, choose different massage heads

✅Strong battery life: 150-180 minutes on a single charge

Players participating in Option 3:

JBL REFLECT FLOW True Wireless Sport Headphones (Free shipping in Hong Kong and Macau)
JBL REFLECT FLOW True Wireless Sport Headphones


Arrangement for receiving runners’ pack:

Participants who register from now can receive the runner race bib at the Gone Running store from November 25th 2020.

Please show the confirmation email (printed or digital image file) to receive the runners’ pack.

Gone Running Store Address: 16/F, Simsons Commercial Building, 137-139 Johnston Road, Wanchai

Time to receive the runners’ pack: 12:00noon – 8:00 pm

Gone Running can enjoy 20% off on designated products on the day of collection of number bibs, and 10% off on other products

You can receive multiple player packs at the same time, and you must present the confirmation email (printed or digital image file) of the relevant participant when you receive the player pack for your relatives and friends.

Arrangement for receiving medals:

Participants of the first event can collect the finish medal at the Cam2 store in mid-February.

Please show the confirmation email (printed or digital image file) to receive the medal.

Cam2 Store Address: Room 1006-1013, 10/f, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok

Medal collection time: 12:00 noon-8:00 pm

Cam2 offer a 25% discount on designated products on the day of receiving the medal

You can receive multiple medals at the same time, and you must present the confirmation email (printed or digital image file) of the relevant participant when collecting the medals for your relatives and friends.

Delivery and pickup arrangements

  1. Participants can choose (A) “SF Express” delivery method or (B) “Self-collection”; if they choose (B) “Self-collection”, there will be no additional charge.
  2. If you choose (A) “SF Express”, please pay the required freight when the goods arrive. If you choose to pick it up at “SF Station/SF Smart Cabinet”, please fill in the relevant address and/or number.
  3. If the participant has passed the designated withdrawal period and still has not collected the medal and the final package, we will deliver it to the delivery address designated by the participant by SF Express. The required freight must be paid when the goods arrive.
  4. Participants can click here to view the SF station address and SF station number

Rules and Special Notices:

  • Participant needs to complete the event by running or walking. Rollerblading, riding on bicycle, or any kind of vehicle are not allowed.
  • Participant needs to finish the whole course in once time, but number of trial is no limit. Organiser understands the route and time recorded by different watch or mobile will be different. With regards to verification of result, it will be handled with flexibility. However, the finish distance should be longer than 15.5Km.
  • There will no water point or aid station along course. Participant is recommended to bring at 1000ml, and some food or arrange own support. Support by the others along the course for this event is allowed. Please bring ID card, small amount of cash, Octopus Card, mobile phone with local connection, and also bib for taking picture.
  • Please check the weather forecast of Hong Kong Observatory in advance, and do not start if adverse weather is expected. Please stop, and look for shelter if the weather is bad.
  • There will no course marking along the course. Please check and familiarize with course in advance. Course information is available on this page. It is also recommended to download the GPX file of the course to the mobile or GPX watch.
  • Participants must follow the route of the conference and take selfies at the designated location, and the mileage must not be less than the mileage of the conference route. If the conference finds shortcuts and does not follow the route designated by the conference to complete the virtual run, the conference reserves the right not to give the finishing gift.
  • Be environmental friendly. No littering on the course is allowed.
  • Participant should understand nature and risk of the event, and voluntarily join the event. Please consult the physical advice if you have doubt on physical conditions. In case you are not feeling well, please stop immediately.
  • Participant is recommended to have personal accident insurance for personal safety.
  • Vehicles are found on the course. Please be aware on the road conditions, and follow traffic rule.
  • Participant needs to follow the law of Hong Kong during the event
  • Participants should note that the six-person gathering restriction order is still in effect. Pay attention to keeping social distance and exercising and being within the country parks to be exempted from wearing masks. Please take care of yourself and others to wear masks in non-country parks and non-sports.
  • In case of emergency, please call the organizer’s emergency contact number 9015 2140 immediately.
  • The organizer recommends that participants purchase personal accident insurance on their own, and the organizer is not responsible for the safety of participants.
  • Organizer reserve the right to change the rule and regulation  and have the final decision of this event

Refund and Transfer policy:

No refund and no transfer for this event. Participant can register all stages once by joining early bird or enrol individually.

Title Sponsor

Official Sponsor

Gone RunningCam 2JBL by HARMAN


 Participants must use our designated mobile app. Click here to view the available mobile apps

  1. You can complete your target distance in one run (30-4-2021 (11:59pm) (before GMT+08))
  2. Upload running records to Run2gather website (1-5-2021 (11:59pm) (before GMT+08))
  3. Finishing rewards: finishing medals, finishing certificates (approximately 10-5-2021)
  4. Engraving service
  5. After successful payment, you cannot change race mileage, refund or transfer entry quota
  6. “Endless races without medals”; this race is based on an honor system, and Run2Gather will regularly check the uploaded running records. If fraudulent results are found, the corresponding Run2Gather account will be suspended according to the actual situation.
  7. Send medals or pick them up by yourself (approximately mid-June 2021 to the end of June 2021)
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