Zodiac Constellation Online Run 2020 – Aquarius Medal

Zodiac Constellation Online Run 2020 - Aquarius Medal

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Zodiac Constellation Online Run-Aquarius Medal, designed by SHIBAINC.

Aquarius: First place in unpredictable runner
Speed index: ★★★★
Endurance index: ★ ★
PB possibility: 60

The whimsical Aquarius don’t care PB, but they don’t care if it’s interesting. The Aquarius will be a useful innovation in running and will not run repeated routes every day. The cute thing about the Aquarius is that when everyone is going to participate in the night run, he will want to go to the sun to run wild; everyone recently started running in the park in the morning, he will tell you the benefits of night running. In short, they can’t be guessed.
Tip: Keep a single shot at night and pay attention to safety.

Event Period:1/2/2020 (12:00am GMT+08) – 29/2/2020 (11:59pm GMT+08)
Enrollment Fee:

Option 1. HKD128 (~USD17/~RM68/~RMB115) – Aquarius Medal

Option 2 (Sold Out). (HKD600) Run2gather muscle massage gun ( HK and Macau free delivery ) + (HKD128)Capricorn Medal

Race:Accumulated distance in 1 month: 30KM (*Runners can have multiple runs to complete the required distance, but must record each running data.)
Time Limit:No time limit but must finish within event period
Race location:No limitation (Runners from anywhere of the World are welcome)
Registration time:cut-off at 11:59pm (GMT+08) 25-2-2020
Medal and Finisher Pack delivery time:Estimated schedule will be late-Mar 2020 to early-Apr 2020
Only those participants who completed the race will receive medals and finisher pack.
Medal and Finisher Pack delivery fee: China, Hong Kong , Macau ,Singapore and Malaysia by SF collect paid
Additional HKD 35 delivery charge for other Asian Countries out of above countries
Additional HKD 80 for countries outside of Asia

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Finisher Award: (Only for participant who completed the race )

Limited edition souvenirs: (Only for participant who completed the race)

  1. Finisher Medal with customized engraved Text
  2. Completion Certificate (electronic version only, Participant has to download and print it)(~ 10-2-2020)

(Sold Out)Option 2 Participants:(Additional HK$600):
Run2gther Deep fascial massage gun(HK and Macau free delivery)

3 minutes relief:
⭐ muscle fatigue and soreness
⭐ tiredness after long working time
⭐ Say goodbye to back pain and shoulder pain
#Muscle message #Slimming

“Run2gather muscle massage gun” facilitate blood circulation and soothing muscle pain in 3 minutes.

✅ relieve neck/back/waist soreness caused by sedentary lifestyle

✅ relieve muscle soreness and fatigue caused by exercise

✅ relieve muscle tension (goodbye to enlarged legs)

✅ Helping your family to relax muscles and good for physical workers, house women, long-time office workers, and elderly people.

✅LCD display: Indicate Power and Battery volume

✅6-speed vibration mode: to meet various needs

✅Low noise : Much quit than similar products

✅6 massage head: options of various massage heads which developed upon Biomedical technology

✅ Powerful battery life: Provide 150-180 minutes operation after fully charged

Delivery and Pick-up arrangement

  1. Participant can choose (A) Deliver by SF Express, or (B) Self-collection at R2 designated Pick-up point, and it if free of charge.
  2. For choosing (A) Deliver by SF Express, Participant is required to pay the delivery charge upon receiving the pack. If choosing SF station/EF Locker as the delivery address, please fill-in the respective location code of the Station/ EF-Locker.
  3. Participant is required to pay for courier charge of SF Express if Participant failed to pick up the medal and finisher pack within the mandated period; R2 will send the medal & finisher pack to the “Delivery Address” provided and Participate is required to pay for the delivery charge.
  4. Please look up here for the location code of the Station/ EF-Locker.


Participant must use the Apps designated by Run2gather to record the running record and Upload the record or screen capture to Run2gather’s website; R2 will disqualify for who failed to upload within the mandated period or the uploaded distance is insufficient.

Participant must use the Apps designated by Run2gather to record the running record Press here for designated or approved Apps.

  1. Complete your race distance with one or more running session (before 29 Feb 2020)
  2. Upload the running record onto Run2gather’s website (before 1 Mar 2020)
  3. Completion Award: Medal & Completion Certificate (around 10 Mar 2020)
  4. Engraving Text on Medal
  5. Non-refundable and non-transferable of race quota
  6. “No award for unfinish participant”. Furthermore, online run is a self-discipline game, Run2gather will check the uploaded running record regularly. R2 will exercise its discretion to disqualify the participate and/ or suspend the User account if ingenuine record is identified.
  7. Deliver Medal & arrange Self-pickup (around the end-Mar 2020 to the early-Apr 2020)

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