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What is the use of running miles recorded while running? Share in social media ? Keep record for How many miles does your practice? Used to participate in online running?

Have you ever thought that the number of running miles you have accumulated can be used for shopping? Run2gather is now launching a member running mileage credit program. All Run2gather members can earn points for running points accumulated on our website (one point for every ten kilometers). Points can be purchased directly at the Run2gather online store. big sale! All members from Run2gather to all accumulated miles before March will be automatically converted into points and transfer to the member points account. From April onwards, only the mileage level of the participating will be calculated. For details, please refer to the member points usage rules.

1. Join Races

2. Finish Race

3. Earn R2 Points

4. Redeem when checkout

Shop for products in our store, then use the points in the shopping cart (as shown below):

Terms and Conditions of Run2gather Membership Program

Basic terms
  1. Please read the terms and conditions of this member program carefully. By using this website, Member of Run2agther is entitled to an additional "Membership Mileage Program" (hereinafter called “MMP”) provided by Run2gather and become the MMP member, and you agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein.
  2. The terms and conditions hereinafter is the contract between you (hereinafter called “Member”) and Run2Gather or Joint Concept Dynamic Ltd. or its subsidiaries and associated companies (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or “Run2gather”) regarding the Membership Mileage Program (MMP).
  3. Run2gather reserves the right to suspend or cancel your points or membership awards and membership services without giving reasons.
  4. In all cases, when the membership is terminated, all points in the membership will also be void or forfeited.
  5. All points of the member are valid for 1 year after issued and will be expired after one year.
  6. Members could check the earned points balance and their expiration date in the Run2gather website. Member have to manage the earned points and pay attention to their expiry date. Run2gather reserves the right to cancel all expired points without further notice. Run2gather does not provide any validity extension of points nor reimbursement of expired points.
  7. Run2gather may cooperate with other business partners (hereinafter referred to as “Participating Merchants”) to provide you multiple rewards and offers.

  8. "Membership Mileage Program" Terms and Conditions
  9. Each Run2Gather Runner / Participant can only have one membership. The company reserves the right to refuse your participation in the program and to terminate your membership without giving reasons.
  10. Members must be at 18 years of age or above.
  11. "Membership Mileage Program" is based on the “Completed Mileage” of the Race that you have registered and been accepted in Run2gather.
  12. There is a top ceiling of “Completed Mileage” of every Race of Run2gather. The points or mileage earned by each Race will be caped by the “Completed Mileage” of each Race.
  13. The Member Points earned through “Completed Mileage” will be credited into membership account 10 working days after the issuance of "E-Certificate" of every event generally.
  14. Member Points are valid for one year after issue. For example: If the points are issued on March 17, 2019, it will expire after 23:59 on March 16, 2020.
  15. Mileage Conversion Calculation: Unless otherwise specified,
    1. 1 Member Point can be earned for every 10 kilometers “Completed Mileage”;
    2. extra 0.01 kilometers from every 10Km will be counted as 1 Member Point. (e.g. 20Km earn 2 Points, 20.01Km earn 3 Points & 27.5 Km earn 3 Points)
    3. Member Point will be counted by number of registered participants of Group Race or Family Race, and
    4. every 1 point is equal to HK$1.0. You can use the member point(s) to buy at the Run2gather online store.
  16. Member Points can be used in Run2gather’s online store. Member Points cannot be exchanged for cash, cannot be used to pay for the event, cannot be transferred, and cannot be used for charity donations.
  17. Member Points used by members are not refundable once exercised or used.
  18. If the purchased item(s) which paid or partially paid by Member Points required to return, only goods of equivalent amount can be exchange and Member Points refund is not allowed.
  19. The exercise of Member Points will be calculated in nearest dollars, excluding the cents.
  20. The Member Points will be immediately deducted once the redemption is accepted to redeem any Promotion Offer, and the redemption cannot be revised, cancelled nor withdraw.

  21. Management of Membership Account
  22. Member shall keep the login information properly (including email, password, and registration mobile number). In order to protect your interests, please update your login password regularly and keep it confidential.
  23. Run2gather reserves the right not to provide the login password nor reset the password if member cannot provide adequate information to identify or prove the ownership of membership; and Run2gather also reserves the right Not to reimburse the relevant Member Points of relevant membership account.

  24. Cancellation of Membership
  25. Once the membership has been cancelled, member has to apply and registered again.

  26. Others
  27. Run2gather may disclose your personal data in accordance with the Laws of HKSAR Government.
  28. According to the relevant regulations, Run2gather has the right to charge a reasonable fee for any request for access to personal data. To view or update your personal information, please send email request to: Privacy@run2gather.com
  29. Please keep your membership login information and password carefully. The company is not responsible for any loss Membership account.
  30. The company reserves the right to modify or delete any terms of use and rules of Membership Program at any time.
  31. Run2gather reserves the discretion right in case of any dispute of Membership or MMP.
  32. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of the Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
* Special Mileages Conversion Arrangement:

To Reward the workout of Runners, there is a special arrangement of the “Member Points” of the Race from April 2018 to March 2019; R2 will specially count the Member Points based on actual mileage without top ceiling. While the mileage ceiling will be applied on the Race from April 2019 and onward. Detail please see point 11 & 12.