Run2gather Message Gun MINI (PINK)


50 件庫存



1. 機身約0.4 kg重量輕巧方便。
2. 安靜低噪音。
3. 大容量2200mAh電池提供續航力。
4. 高轉速摩打提供四個不同力度選擇。
5. 搭配四個不同按摩頭迎合不同位置。
6. 智能制定芯片一鍵啟動一鍵換檔,15分鐘自動關機保護。
7. Type C 插頭,快速充電方便易用。

1. About 0.4 kg, lightweight and convenient.
2. Quiet and low noise.
3. Large capacity 2200mAh battery provides endurance.
4. The high-speed motor provides four different strength options.
5. Match four different massage heads to cater to different positions.
6. Intelligently designed chipset to start and shift gears with one button, and automatically shut down after 15 minutes continuously use .
7. Type C plug, fast charging and easy to use.



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