1. Log in to your Run2gather account
  2. Click the menu at right top corner. Select "My activities”,then click ”Upload Record"

  3. Click the "Upload Record Image" area

  4. Select the image of the activity record you want to upload (the image must include the time, distance and date of the activity (running/cycling/trail running)

    Please note that you can upload multiple records if the event is a cumulative activity.

  5. Fill in the time and workout(running/cycling/mountain running) distance

  6. Fill in "How do you feel?"(optional)
  7. Click "confirm that the record you loaded is correct."
  8. Click "Submit" to complete the record submit.
  1. Login to your Run2gather App account
  2. Start your workout with GPS tracking
  3. Finish workout and scroll to bottom

  4. Click "Share" button
  5. Select photo from your photo album (or take photo), then select photo frame. Share it to your friends.

* Remarks: Not all events provide photo frames, please check the details of the corresponding event. In addition, only participants can have photo frame if any.

  1. Register a Team event (Only team activities can build teams)
  2. Log in to your Run2gather account
  3. Click the menu at right top corner. Select "My activities”,then
  4. Click "Team"
  5. You can select "Build your Team" or "Join your friend's team"

  6. If select "Build your Team", please fill in team name and other required information.

  7. After building the team successfully, your can send invitation email to your friend to join your team.

  8. Wait your friend to register event and accept your invitation.

  9. If select "Join your friend's team", please check if there is any invitation or wait your friend to invite you.

  10. For each team event, there are basic requirements for the number of players, please pay attention.